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Adam Bruggeman, MD in national spotlight.

Dr. Adam Bruggeman, MD has quickly been building a reputation in San Antonio and surrounding areas as an outstanding spine surgeon. But recently, his talents and skill were recognized on a much larger stage. Becker’s Healthcare, a leading national provider of cutting-edge information for healthcare professionals, annually bestows their prestigious ...

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Why does it take so long for surgery?

Insurance Bureaucracy Lengthening Physician Workdays Adventures in Prior Authorization - NY Times Two recent articles outline the growing difficulty in communications between insurance companies and physicians.  Many patients ask me why they can't have surgery tomorrow.  It is a difficult position as a specialist in that patients come in today ...

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Brazil Star Player Fractures Spine

Brazilian star Neymar was injured today while playing soccer.  According to his physician, he has an injury that can be treated without surgery.  Many back fractures can be treated with bracing and immobilization.  The most common of these are: Pars interarticularis ("pars") fracture - This is a fracture of the ...