The Answers for Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association 8 out of every 10 Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Chronic back pain can result in significant time out of work, not to mention taking you away from family activities.

The level of pain and severity of the problem will obviously vary from person to person. The good news is most back pain sufferers can find relief by taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by their primary care physician. If it is more persistent it may require seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor. If those don’t work and the pain becomes too great, it is time to see a surgeon. You should understand that most people will not need surgery to get them back on their feet. But a surgeon has several options at their disposal to help.

To understand the cause of back pain it is important to know how the spine is created. The spine is a series of building blocks that run from the tail to the base of the skull. There are discs between these blocks to help them move painlessly. If the building blocks slip in front of each other and no longer move in the right way, or the disk is injured and can’t be repaired, surgery can be used to bring the building blocks back together.

One of the top causes of back pain is instability within the spine. This condition can result from degradation which occurs naturally with age or trauma such as a back injury. Treatment options for spinal instability range from minimally invasive options, like medication and physical therapy, to more invasive options such as surgery. There are over 400,000 spinal implant surgeries performed each year in the United States. Spinal fusion is a common surgical approach to treating spinal instability.

The purpose of spinal fusion surgery is to permanently connect two or more vertebrae, eliminating motion between them. Surgeons will often use surgical implants such as screws, rods or small devices called “interbody cages” and place them between the two vertebrae. The goal for a successful spinal fusion is to enable the bone to grow through and around the implant over time, creating a strong fusion that will stabilize the spine and relieve pain.

Plastics or ‘PEEK’ (Polyether ether ketone), are the most commonly used materials today. But plastics and titanium are too smooth at the micro and cellular levels. These do not elicit a strong osteogenic (bone forming) response and primarily act only as a spacer. They are too smooth to promote growth and flatten cells, which prohibits the formation of bone cells and can cause inflammation, which impedes the healing process.

Titan Spine is a new company that has developed nanotechnology which creates a unique surface designed to create an enhanced osteogenic environment due to its proprietary blend of textures at the macro, micro and cellular levels.

New materials like those offered by Titan Spine allow patients to get back to normal activity faster.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, see your primary care physician and ask if you should see a spinal surgeon. Being pain free can be in your future.

Jeff TuffsJeff Tuffs
16:55 13 Apr 22
Very professional, and the conversation was understandable to even a layman. They didn’t try to push an agenda, but instead provided options.Very satisfied with my visit.
Yesenia MartinezYesenia Martinez
16:42 04 Apr 22
Thank you Everyone from Texas Spine & NuHope for offering what was needed in the process of a journey & a chapter of my life. With the hope and believing God was with me every step of my journey. I was bless to meet Dr. Adam Bruggeman as my spine doctor/surgeon & his medical team assistants, the care that was much needed!The surgery was a success, recovered well, was active again going back to the gym faithfully but after 2 years feeling pain again due to alarming physical and mental pain.By the Grace of God I am healed in not needing a second surgery that was going be quite different than the laminectomy surgery.God is Good. I thank God for medical teams and doctors that have the knowledge and guidance with the gift of helping others that are in need of Medical Necessity, God bless you All.Do not have fear of what God is able to do and what a surgery can do that is needed to live a better lifestyle to reduce the pain or have no pain at all.Thank you.-Yesenia
Lupita FloresLupita Flores
18:43 11 Mar 22
I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Bruggeman and have done well. Dr Paredes is very courteous, professional, and treats us like family. All the staff is super friendly. I highly recommend this practice.
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20:16 28 Feb 22
This was my first time surgery and I was confident to leave this kind of surgery on Dr Adam Bruggeman.
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12:04 01 Feb 22
I could write a novel but will try to be brief. I spent a large portion of my life ignored for the serious pain I lived with and Dr. Bruggeman discovered exactly what I was living with. It’s a rough road but he has made such a huge difference in my quality of life. I thank God I am in his care. His staff is hands down the best I have ever experienced. Dr. Bruggeman and his staff are all smart, kind, professional and there to help in every way. God bless you.