What Is Failed Back Syndrome?

Failed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS or failed back syndrome) is the general term used to refer to the condition of patients who have undergone spine surgery but continue to experience the same, worsening or new pain.

The most common reason spine surgeries fail or are not considered successful due to post-surgical pain is because surgery did not address the underlying cause of the patient’s pain. Patients can also experience new pain if scar tissue forms around the area treated by surgery.

How do I know if I have Failed Back Syndrome?

To be diagnosed with FBSS a doctor must evaluate your pain and associated symptoms to determine if they are the result of a spine surgery that was not effective. The pain can be unchanged from before the surgery or new painful symptoms can develop as a result of a failed back surgery.

FBSS symptoms include pain in a new location of the body, new intensity of pain from before surgery, as well as new restricted mobility. Patients still suffering pain symptoms or experiencing new symptoms after back or spine surgery should consult Dr. Bruggeman to see what options Texas Spine Care Center offers to provide relief from FBSS.

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What is the right treatment for me?

When patients continue to experience pain after back or spine surgery, conservative pain management methods are often employed, such as  physical therapy, medications, or injection therapy to provide temporary relief. Often feeling like these nonoperative measures are their only option after failed surgery, many patients are surprised to learn that minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as spinal cord stimulation can alleviate pain issues relating to FBSS and provide longer-lasting pain relief.

A full evaluation of your unique case with Dr. Bruggeman can determine what options may be recommended and if minimally invasive procedures can help provide pain relief.

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