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Damaged or deteriorated discs at multiple levels in your spine can trigger pain and result in limited mobility. Multi-level disc replacement can restore disc functions and relieve pain. 

Back Pain
Multi Level Disc Replacement

What Is Multi-level Disc Replacement?

For patients suffering from more than one damaged spinal discs, multi-level disc replacement can provide pain relief while in the past only replace a single disc could be replaced. Spinal discs are the soft cushions between the bones of your spine, known as the vertebrae, which allow for a smooth range of motion. If your disc is damaged from injury or has deteriorated over time, it can result in pain or loss of mobility. Advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques replace damaged spinal discs and, as opposed to traditional fusion surgery, preserves range of motion in the spine.

Is Multi-level Disc Replacement Right For Me?

For back, neck, or leg pain sufferers experiencing symptoms more than six months and have not found relief through conservative treatments such as physical therapy, medications, and injections have not provided relief, multi-level disc replacement may be the right option for your case. While preserving the spinal range of motion makes multi-level disc replacement surgery more appealing than spinal fusion the treatment option may not be appropriate for your unique condition and requires consultation with Dr. Bruggeman as well as testing, possibly including an MRI Scan, discography, CT Scan or X-ray.

Am I a Candidate for Multi-level Disc Replacement?

If you suffer from the pain triggered by multiple damaged discs, consult with Dr. Bruggeman to see if multi-level disc replacement would be the right treatment option for you. Not all spine conditions are ideal candidates for multi-level disc replacement, such as spondylolisthesis. Understanding the rate of damage or deterioration to the disc will influence what treatment option is best for your unique situation, along with undergoing the appropriate diagnostic procedures can help determine the different levels of damaged discs within the spinal column and if this advanced, minimally invasive treatment is right for you.


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