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Barricaid is a small implant, slightly larger than a pencil eraser that is designed to plug the larger holes in the disc wall. It is made up of a titanium boneanchor which secures the polymer plug into the disc space to repair and reconstruct disc wall. Barricaid has been shown to reduce the need for a second operation by 81%.

What is a discectomy?

Discectomy Classified as a decompression procedure, the purpose of a discectomy/ microdiscectomy is to relieve nerve pressure, compression, or irritation. The surgeon removes the portion of the herniated disc that is affecting a nearby nerve and causing pain, weakness or numbness. A microdiscectomy is a similar procedure as a discectomy, only done through a smaller opening often including a tubular access port.

What do surgeons do with a hole left in the discectomy?

The current discectomy standard of care is to not repair the hole in the disc, leaving the patient exposed to the high risk of recurrent herniation and revision surgery if the hole is larger than a pencil eraser. Following surgery, the patient is recommended to avoid lifting or twisting to give time for the hole to scar over before assuming their normal activity.

Why is it important to close the hole after a discectomy?

When a disc herniates, it’s because a hole or weakness has developed in the wall of the disc and the material inside the disc has been pushed out. The surgeon performs the discectomy though this access point.  If a large hole is left open, there is a 27%+ chance of reherniation and the return of pain and symptoms. Barricaid is design to close the hole by creating a barrier against reherniation.

What is Barricaid?



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