Dedicated to Keeping You Safe

Keeping all patients and staff safe during COVID-19 is a top priority at Texas Spine Care Center. We are committed to providing compassionate care in a safe facility by team members following stringent preventive measures.

In addition to the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control, we have initiated COVID-19 Safe Care Protocols including:

Enhanced Cleaning

Masks are Required

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Touch-Free Protocols

COVID-19 Screening

Telehealth Appointments

“We are with you. “ - Dr. Adam Bruggeman, TSCC Founder and Orthopedic Surgeon

Our COVID-19 Safe Care Protocol Explained

  • Telehealth Appointments. We are using new telemedicine tools to ensure that you can still get the spine care help you.
  • Mask Usage. All staff, patients, and individuals entering our facility will be asked to wear a mask.
  • Touch-Free Processes. The amount of touching during appointments is reduced to a minimum.
  • COVID-19 Screening. All staff and patients that enter our facility will have their temperature checked.
  • Enhanced Cleaning. The frequency of our standard cleaning procedures and precautions have been increased to help protect against the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Virtual Waiting Rooms. If you have an appointment at our facility, we are asking that you remain in your car like a temporary waiting room to minimize contact with others. We will call to come into the office when it’s time for your appointment.


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