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After spine surgery, if patients experience new or worsening pain related to the condition, the patient may be suffering from post laminectomy syndrome.

What Is Post Laminectomy Syndrome?

Post laminectomy syndrome, sometimes called to as failed back surgery syndrome or FBSS, refers to when patients continue to experience persistent pain after a laminectomy procedure. A laminectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery that removes a part of the vertebra that protects the spinal cord, often performed to relieve pressure on spinal nerves. While most often there are no complications following a laminectomy and patients recover from pain relief, there is a possibility that pain persists despite the procedure.

How do I know if I have Post Laminectomy Syndrome?

To be diagnosed with post laminectomy syndrome, Dr. Bruggeman must evaluate your pain and associated symptoms to determine if they are the result of a spine surgery that was not effective. If this pain has restricted mobility or limited your ability to conduct previously normal activities, consult Dr. Bruggeman to see what options Texas Spine Care Center offers to provide relief from post laminectomy syndrome.

What’s the right treatment for me?

When patients continue to experience pain after back or spine surgery, the first line of pain management starts with conservative methods, such as physical therapy, medications, or injection therapy to provide temporary relief during the recovery process. But there are other options if these nonoperative measures do not provide relief. Minimally invasive surgical procedures, like revision surgery or spinal cord stimulation, can provide longer-lasting pain relief.

A full evaluation of your individual case with Dr. Bruggeman can determine what options may be recommended and if minimally invasive procedures can help provide pain relief for post laminectomy syndrome.


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