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Neck pain is a common condition that most people experience at some point during their life. However, for some, neck pain becomes chronic and can be a symptom of a greater underlying spinal condition.

What Is Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by various conditions and issues, but chronic neck pain can be a symptom of more serious spine conditions such as cervical degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, radiculopathy, or spinal stenosis. All of these cervical spine conditions are characterized by injury or age-related deterioration of the disc –the cushion-like spinal discs between vertebrae – or the compression of nerves surrounding the spine.

Damage to any of these spinal parts can trigger sharp pain, stiffness or soreness, numbness and tingling, or radiating pain down the shoulders and arm or up through the head. Many people will experience a form of neck pain at some point in their lifetime, and in most cases the pain will subside naturally. However, for those who experience chronic neck pain (pain lasting three months or longer) should seek a medical diagnosis for possible underlying conditions in order to determine the best course of treatment, speed up recovery time and prevent pain from worsening. Patients suffering neck pain in association with radiculopathy or with radiating pain should see Dr. Bruggeman to seek treatment.

How do I know if I have a Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain is characterized by pain symptoms located mainly in the neck, although those symptoms can travel down through the shoulders, arms, and hands or up to the head. If symptoms persistent three months or more, or if they are in conjunction with a traumatic injury or a pre-existing spine condition, consulting Dr. Bruggeman for a full evaluation can best determine possible treatment options or if minimally invasive spine surgery may be needed.

What is the right treatment for me?

Neck pain may be common, but effective treatments can be unique for every individual. Evaluation and diagnosis from Dr. Bruggeman is the best way to start on your path to neck pain relief. While most neck pain subsides with conservative pain management methods like physical therapy, medications, or even injections, chronic neck pain may require surgical measures for long-term pain relief solutions.

Depending on the spine condition diagnosis, minimally invasive surgical procedures like cervical discectomy or spinal fusion may be recommended. Consulting with Dr. Bruggeman will help identify the cause of your pain and which treatment options or minimally invasive surgical procedures can resolve your painful condition.


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